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Reaching your destination: Profitably


Today’s airline executives must enable agility in their organizations, continue to deliver service innovation while competing and ensuring profitability. The winners will be those who can transform their airlines into top performers. Five key pillars underpin what makes a profitable airline. They are:

Leadership Drive

In the best-in-class organizations, leaders are always the primary catalyst for high performance; an aligned leadership setting high expectations that run deep into the organization.

Market Focus

High-performing organizations are always market focused, shaping trends, creating innovative brands and staying ahead of the pack. The journey to advanced corporate performance.

People Focus

Leading companies treat talent and knowledge as their most important asset, with an unstinting commitment to develop and deploy it effectively. They attract and retain high performing people.

Execution Edge

Top-performing companies execute better than their competitors. They are lean in structure, with clear responsibilities and accountabilities. They plan, report and reward using driver-based outcomes and KPIs. Compared to their competitors they are more simplified, automated, connected and informed organizations.

Agile Systems

High-performing organizations consistently have planning and reporting systems that support collaboration, are designed around the business drivers of operational and strategic outcomes and are modeled to allow everyone to see the full impact of their decisions

Reaching your destination: Profitability

Miagen Aviation Solutions give airlines the connectivity, productivity and agility to move from managing by hindsight to managing with insight. We model our solutions using driver-based design principles and we implement in the cloud, so you get connectivity anywhere, scalability, rapid deployment and no need for in-house maintenance.

We build models around key aviation financial productivity and performance drivers and we combine operational and financial data. Our solutions enable airlines to leverage the core drivers of service units, volumes, unit price, unit cost, yield and mix in planning, reporting, and compensation plans.

Miagen’s sophisticated models allocate and absorb costs based on the most appropriate drivers of consumption. Our solutions accommodate all factors, including allocation and absorption of variable, semi-variable, stepped and fixed costs.

Get drill-down views of revenues, contribution and net operating profit in aggregate, by service level (eg O&D, route, seat class etc.) or chart of accounts.


With Miagen Aviation Reporting, you can capture variances from plan and analyze them against:

  1. Volume variances (e.g. ASK, passenger numbers)
  2. Price Variances (e.g. average fare)
  3. Cost Variances (Fuel cost/ASK, fuel cost/Aircraft type, cost/meal, cost/FTE)
  4. Mix variances (seat class)
  5. Yield and load factor.