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Customer 360

We have all heard the talk, ‘Know Your Customer’. But do we know what exactly does it mean?

What Is a 360-Degree View of the Customer?

For an organization competing beyond boundaries, it is important more than ever to keep a 360 – degree view of the customer to understand, delegate and react to keep the customer happy. The 360 view gives an end to end picture of the customer’s journey and experience with a company.

This unified view is created by aggregating the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ data the company captures about its customers and their interactions, across multiple channels and from different data sources.

What Is Hard Data?

‘Hard’ data gives the numerical information about its customers. It lets us know when, where and how the customer bought a product, paid an invoice, reordered or/if the customer hadn’t purchased for a certain amount of time.

So, hard data comes from sources such as customers’ online accounts, preferences, and transactions. However, hard data can’t tell you how they felt when they made that purchase, meaning that ‘soft’ data is also needed so that the company can attain a full 360-degree of the customer.

What Is Soft Data?

‘Soft’ data is hidden in amongst hard data and can give the company a clearer insight into how a customer was feeling.

By combining this soft data with the hard data, the contact center can get as close as possible to the person behind the transactions – a true 360-degree view of the customer.

Delivering the Right Service at the Right Time

If the data is converted into actionable insights, companies can use it to deliver the right service at the right time, whatever the channel. Companies strive to service their clients in the best possible way but often do not have accurate information at the right time to make ‘that’ timely decision. With Miagen’s 360 degrees view it is now possible. Give your organization the information, where it needs it when it needs it. Run your business from anywhere, drill down from the top level right down to the data layer and understand what decisions you’ll need to make to keep your customer happy.