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Last Minute Winner – The Financial Impact

Plan for a last minute winner so that you can reap all the financial rewards

Success in sports cannot be guaranteed. We seen the dramatic ending to the Ireland vs France rugby game whereby Jonny Sexton slotted a 45 yard drop goal to snatch Ireland victory from the jaws of defeat. The Irish heroics highlight how such huge results can hinge on he finest of margins.

Ireland were strong favourites going into the game at the State De France and defeat would of eliminated any dreams of a grand slam finale in Twickenham on St Patricks Day. It is fair to say that the finance &  commercial side of the RFU and Irish province’s are relieved that such an outcome is still possible.

So the question needs to be asked, are sporting teams planning for all the various scenarios and possibilities that can be derived from these high profile games. Jonny Sextons profile is at an all time high this week, have the RFU scenario planned for this, allowing themselves and Leinster to reap all the financial rewards of such heroics.

Sportsgen allows clubs and countries to build out these scenarios, coupled with P/L’s on marquee players you will get insights that allow you to plan for the best and worst. May that be Sergio Aguero’s injury time winner to win the Premier League or John Terry’s infamous slip & miss to win the Champions League, Sportsgen will prepare you for all the possible outcomes.

Sportsgen is an advanced FP&A tool that can build out scenarios on a relegation, promotion or perhaps an unexpected run in the cup. Thus Sportsgen is helping clubs such as Munster Rugby eliminate the surprise element of a shock European Cup exit or perhaps an unexpected win. Gain the ability to re-configure forecasts quickly after every game, along with accurate rolling forecasts with minimal input to reflect you clubs position.


SportsGen Capability

– Ability to run quick and accurate rolling forecast with a low level of input to reflect club position
– Re-configure forecast quickly after every match
– Fully automated planning, forecasting and reporting process
– Ability to run P&L by match day, marquee player
– Ability to look at various business units and combine as one e.g. (Hotel, Entertainments, Sports Organization etc.)
– Scenario planning in relation to team performance e.g. promotion, relegation, European qualification
– Ability to Flex Revenue/Cost drivers e.g. ticket price and how this impacts overall revenue.
– Critical insights on where money can be saved or spent more efficiently from IT to grounds keeping to sponsorship’s
– Feeds of data from any source – Ticketing, marketing, player performance systems etc.
– Visibility of all planning and forecasting by department (e.g. Marketing, sales, HR, Finance etc)
– Compare player performance with financial data


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