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SportsGen: The Cost of Bad Weather

Streamline Expense Management and Access Key Cost Drivers on Demand

The fixture lists for both the football and rugby clubs in the UK and Ireland this weekend were decimated by Storm Emma. Heavy snow and icy conditions brought many places to a standstill with a red weather warming in place urging people not to travel unless necessary. One game that went ahead was on Thursday night between Arsenal and Manchester City. The attendance that evening was heavily affected by the adverse weather conditions with the Emirates looking half full at best.

The game would of been expected to have been a full house meaning Arsenal are left with the problem of having  to make up any  losses in anticipated revenue. These unexpected losses in potential revenue and increased costs from postponed or weather affected games magnify the need for greater visibility and accuracy in expense planning. At Miagen we have developed out SportsGen, a financial planning and analysis tool for sports clubs.

SportsGen  allows clubs build out a P/L by match day, and more easily forecast the impact of any major changes, like the consequences of having to postpone a particular game. The solution allows clubs to simplify and accelerate their expense forecasting, planning & analytics meaning it is easier to react to unexpected costs.

With SportsGen you will see the impact of changes with its integrated driver based planning. Your club will be in better standing to see directly how expenses affect your margins & cash flows so you can manage effectively. Increase or decrease a cost drivers to see the widespread impact across all other budgets and associated costs automatically.

SportsGen Capability

  • Ability to run quick and accurate rolling forecast with a low level of input to reflect club position
  • Re-configure forecast quickly after every match
  • Fully automated planning, forecasting and reporting process
  • Ability to run P&L by match day, marquee player
  • Ability to look at various business units and combine as one e.g. (Hotel, Entertainments, Sports Organization etc.)
  • Scenario planning in relation to team performance e.g. promotion, relegation, European qualification
  • Ability to Flex Revenue/Cost drivers e.g. ticket price and how this impacts overall revenue.
  • Critical insights on where money can be saved or spent more efficiently from IT to grounds keeping to sponsorship’s
  • Feeds of data from any source – Ticketing, marketing, player performance systems etc.
  • Visibility of all planning and forecasting by department (e.g. Marketing, sales, HR, Finance etc)
  • Compare player performance with financial data



For any additional information about SportsGen please contact Andrew Sweeney