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SportsGen – The Power to Plan Anything

Learn how SportsGen will enhance your ability to Forecast, Plan, Model & Budget

Every year Sporting Organisations are faced with new fresh challenges. Sometimes it is the new opponents that you have to play home or away in European competition, the number of events at the stadium or perhaps preparing for life in a new division due to promotion or relegation. No matter what happens, SportsGen gives you the flexibility to face those challenges head on and make decisions with confidence.

Powered by Adaptive Insights – SportsGen accommodates all types of modelling including: expenses, workforce, capital, revenue & sales capacity. The SportsGen solution will enable rolling forecasts with integrated driver-based scenarios that you can tune in real time. This means that your club can plan for various seasonal outcomes (European Cup run, promotion, relegation) and be prepared for them with the latest actuals, assumptions always at hand.

Spend less time compiling your numbers and reports and more time driving your clubs performance by moving onto a cloud based solution such as SportsGen that allows for collaboration across the business. With everyone working off the one set of trusted documents there will ultimately be a single version of the truth allowing more time for analysis and less time spent crunching numbers & deciphering between reports.

SportsGen Capability

  • Ability to run quick and accurate rolling forecast with a low level of input to reflect club position
  • Re-configure forecast quickly after every match
  • Fully automated planning, forecasting and reporting process
  • Ability to run P&L by match day, marquee player
  • Ability to look at various business units and combine as one e.g. (Hotel, Entertainments, Sports Organization etc.)
  • Scenario planning in relation to team performance e.g. promotion, relegation, European qualification
  • Ability to Flex Revenue/Cost drivers e.g. ticket price and how this impacts overall revenue.
  • Critical insights on where money can be saved or spent more efficiently from IT to grounds keeping to sponsorship’s
  • Feeds of data from any source – Ticketing, marketing, player performance systems etc.
  • Visibility of all planning and forecasting by department (e.g. Marketing, sales, HR, Finance etc)
  • Compare player performance with financial data


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