What if Santa was an Accountant? – Miagen

What if Santa was an Accountant?

Santa presenting to accountant

In the spirit of the season, we’ve been wondering how an accountant would feel about the North Pole operations? Is Santa scenario planning for weather troubles, or a sudden influx of naughty kids? Is he forecasting demand for newer, more expensive gifts? Is the Giving Stuff Away division in the hole, as per usual?

What would happen if Santa himself was an accountant?

Here are 12 changes we might notice straight away:

1. Santa would need a receipt for every present he gave

2. Letters to Santa would be carried forward from the previous year

3. Elves would be called subordinate Clauses

4. Santa would have a spreadsheet to calculate sleigh mileage deduction

5. For the sake of route profitability, some kids might be disappointed

6. All children would be divided into assets and liabilities

7. He would value his sleigh by net present value

8. There would be interns instead of elves

9. Santa could save billions simply by changing the naughty or nice threshold

10. No Christmas lights at the North Pole – more difficult for creditors to find!

11. Sleigh utilisation of only one day a year would certainly not be acceptable

12. Giving away everything he makes wouldn’t seem like such a good idea anymore